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Why Customized Corrugated Boxes Are Ideal For Your Business? Learn With Us!

October 5, 2021

Corrugated boxes have prime importance in the world of packaging. These are the most highly used and renowned boxes. These boxes are the best way to preserve and protect the products packed inside them. Nowadays, cardboard boxes are the most preferred form of packaging and are the first choice of almost all small and large-scale businesses.

Does Customization Provide a Benefit to Your Business?

In addition to providing protection, these boxes can be customized to make them attractive. The more appealing the product looks from the outside, the more it will be able to urge the customers to purchase it.  

These boxes play a significant role in luring customers. Moreover, customization provides you the freedom to choose colours, print, style, and shape of the boxes. You may also print product details on the package. In addition to the style enhancement, you can also alter the thickness of the boxes according to the level of protection a product requires. 

For customization, you can also contact us! We provide you freedom of selection of your own choice that will help you generate more sales.

Is Customization Fascinates The Buyers To Purchase A Product From Your Brand?

All these features fascinate the buyer and help them make the right decision by judging the quality of the product by its packaging. It is a pre-stated and pre-known fact that customers always prefer to buy a product that appeals to them through their visual appearance. 

The product looks boring; no one would wish to buy it. It is a common perception among the customers that high quality packaging means a high-quality product. 

Durable Or Cost-Effective? 

Corrugated boxes are the best in this regard; they offer desired durability for national and international shipments. This is the best option when we talk about durable and cost-effective packaging. 

However, most business owners and entrepreneurs do not know what corrugated boxes are or how they can profit from their business. Let us have an insight into the history, type of corrugated, and how they benefit a business!

Do You Want To Know The History Of Packaging?

Packaging has always played an essential part in our everyday routine. From food and clothing to gadgets, we have packaged stuff. This invention is of prime importance and helps keep our daily use items safe. 

Cardboard boxes were first produced in England in 1817 on a commercial scale. Similarly. Corrugated cardboard was first introduced in England in 1856 but couldn’t be used as a shipping material until 1871. 

A Wide Range Of Corrugated Boxes!

Today, a wide range of corrugated boxes are available that come in all shapes and sizes and can be customised in many ways. The basic design of most boxes includes three or more layers of corrugated material stacked vertically or horizontally inside a wooden or plastic box. 

Layers can be printed, embossed, or laser-cut. Some boxes feature a single solid side. Some feature a pattern of double-sided printing or a combination of the two.

Are Corrugated Boxes Provide Protection To The Product During Shipping?

Customized corrugated cardboard boxes are commonly used as packing material. They are highly absorbent, making them suitable for shipping and transporting goods, as they cannot retain the heat and moisture from the environment. 

In addition, some cardboard boxes are lightweight and sturdy, which makes them easy to package and send. Some specialty boxes are even waterproof and self-defeating when damaged by moisture.

Safe For The Environment? Let’s Take a Look!

Cardboard boxes are environmentally friendly means of packaging goods for transportation and shipping. Because they are made of corrugated cardboard, they reduce waste and don’t pollute the environment during the manufacturing or shipping process. 

Therefore, corrugated boxes can be considered one of the green solutions to today’s environmental problems. This environmental advantage is particularly appealing to many customers looking for efficient and eco-friendly packaging solutions.

These customers may want to do business with a socially responsible company dedicated to preserving nature.

Suppose you are looking for corrugated boxes to use as packaging material. In that case, it is best if you find a packaging company that offers customization services. This way, you can tailor the specifications of your boxes to your specific needs, whether it is the thickness, size, or colour. 

Corrugated box manufacturing is usually done in large quantities, so it is best to choose a company that can provide bulk ordering or has a good relationship with other packaging companies. This way, you can get corrugated mailing boxes at lower prices than you will normally pay.

How Do We Properly Pack These Custom Corrugated Boxes?

After choosing the corrugated mailer boxes you would like to use, it is important to know how to properly pack them. First off, you should make sure that the boxes you buy are of the same size.

Suppose you are looking to maximize your use of these boxes. In that case, you should follow the recommendations provided in the packing material. 

For example, if you buy a corrugated box that measures 35 inches by two inches, you should buy boxes of the same size. This way, you will be able to make use of the extra space more efficiently.

The Things You Need To Know!

When handling the packing of corrugated boxes, it is advisable to first read the instructions provided. In general, there are three essential things you need to know about handling these boxes. 

First, you should always make sure that the boxes are flat, even after placing them on a shelf or bookcase. Second, you should apply ample pressure when packing. In addition, you should not bend the corners, which will weaken their strength considerably.

Finally, one of the most common misconceptions regarding corrugated boxes is that they are made of flutes. Contrary to what many people believe, the corrugated paper does not contain flutes. 

In addition, there are many different types of corrugated boxes in the market today, including those made from corrugated cardboard, corrugated paper, corrugated fiberboard, and other types of materials. You can also use these boxes as corrugated pizza boxes, and they can help you keep pizza fresh for a long time.

Our company Phoenix Custom Boxes USA provides custom boxes for our customers to keep items stored in them. The best thing about our custom packaging boxes is that they will protect all the items with complete security and save them from impacts during transport and shipping. 

Our custom corrugated boxes are exceptional on the marketplace because of the additional time and willpower we put into our packaging industry. 

Are We Offering Highly Customizable Custom Corrugated Boxes?

Phoenix Custom Boxes provides highly customizable corrugated boxes so that you can leave a positive impression on your customers with our extraordinarily built corrugated boxes. 

To get high-quality custom corrugated boxes call our experts; we can help you in any way. Get in touch with us if you want the latest offers on packaging products. We offer free shipping and 20% discount, so wait no more!

Cardboard packaging boxes give 99% protection to your products. Furthermore, the packaging we offer is entirely recyclable reusable. The use of decomposable materials is essential so that we can utilize them all the time.

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