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Return / Cancelation Policy

Returns & Refunds

Given that Phoenix Custom Boxes customises its products and services to meet the needs and specifications of its clients, it is advised that clients notify the business in the event that products are delivered that do not meet their requirements or are defective. If you have any feedback, please email info@phoenixcustomboxes.com within three business days after receiving the order.

Defects on the Corporate Side

If the product flaw is verified, the company will be required to reproduce the entire order. The company's determination of the problem and its responsibility will be final. The customer will return the full order to the company within 7 working days and will cover all transportation costs. Customers will provide documentation and proof of flaws in the form of digital images in order to have orders reissued.

Defects on the Client Side

If the ordered product is found to be defective and the consumer wishes to receive a cash refund, they must send us the entire order.

Cancellation of an Order

As soon as you accept the proof, we send the printing jobs to the press department. You have only four hours after the proof clearance to cancel your order. If the order is canceled after it has been processed, a cancellation fee of 25% of the total order cost will be applied. Order cancellations must be communicated within 12 to 24 hours.

There will be no refund if you cancel your purchase after it has been processed in the press. On the other side, we can give you with a free warehouse facility. We can mail the order as soon as possible.