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Now Is the Time for You to Know About Custom Display Boxes

August 24, 2022
Custom Display Boxes

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If You Are Sure to Start a Packaging Company, You Should Read These Amazing display boxes!

Brands always desire to show their products adequately to attract more and more customers. They usually opt for custom display boxes to achieve the goal of an appealing presentation. It enhances the visual appeal and also helps for advertising purposes. 

No matter what you sell, it provides an effective solution for all businesses. It provides the best solution to meet all the desires regarding display packaging.

There are still some brands that don’t need to use display boxes. They said it is an elegant solution and you can’t modify it accordingly. 


But it is not the case. Counter display boxes are not only inexpensive but also easily accessible. They provide several benefits regarding brand elevation and sales. Here are some excellent reasons to use display boxes for captivating presentations.


You Can Easily Save Money by Using Custom Display Boxes

Custom displays are a reasonable solution for presenting your product. These classically come in cardboard and paperboard, which you can effortlessly get. Moreover, you only need one box to display small goods in one place instead of purchasing several small packages. You can save a pretty good amount by placing your order wholesale.

Custom Display Boxes wholesale

Custom Printed Display Boxes Provide More Chances of Sales

Custom-printed display boxes are usually placed on the front of the entry countertops. Customers will surely notice the exceptional display, which can increase the chances of your product getting sold. Selecting customized presentation boxes will increase the product value and influence customers’ purchases. 

Moreover, if clients like your product once, they will return for a repetitive purchase.

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Display Packaging Offers Versatility

Retail Display packaging Boxes is exceptional as compared to regular custom boxes and offers versatility. It provides brands with different choices to display products artistically. 

Moreover, the usual packaging box comes in the shape of a custom dispenser. But you can change its rendering to what your product wants. 

You can have a custom rectangular or triangle shape. Moreover, you can have top cardboard stairs inside the packaging box for more creativity.

Support You to Stand Out 

You know how imperative and crucial it is for brands to set their goods apart. When each one is trying to deliver high-quality products, you want to focus on how to present your product in the retail stores. Custom display containers support you to stand out by unusually presenting your product. Clients will not forget your brand once you have caught their attention.

You Can Care About Your Brand

Whether displaying your products in simple packaging boxes or using countertops, it is essential to show off your brand.

The packaging is all about expressing your brand story to the customers. Use the top display boxes to place your company logo and brand name. Customers will take notice of the company while making the purchase.

Custom Cardboard Display Boxes- A Source to Provide Product Information

I suppose you might be wrong if you think you will not have enough space to place your information with counter custom cardboard display boxes. You can use all the sides of the boxes to provide product assistance.

Please don’t ignore the sides; use them to highlight branding and product features. Use bold patterns so clients can read the text easily from afar.

It Provides a More Professional Look

Giving your product in wholesale custom display boxes will offer your brand a more professional look. Using shared or standard packages will not get you anywhere. 

Make sure that customers consider your product high-end by looking at the packaging. Customizing the custom packaging boxes will provide an extra edge and make clients select you over the tough competition.

You Can Fully Customize the Boxes

When thinking about custom display packaging, the first thing that comes to mind is the boring design. But that is not the case anymore. Moreover, you can modify the boxes with color, text, and graphics. The choice depends on you. It will let you add images, graphics, text, and other brand elements. You can modify both the outside and inside of the box.


“Positive people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. 

 Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.”

wholesale Custom Display Boxes


A Recyclable and Reusable Packaging Solution

One of the significant features of display packaging is that it can be recyclable. You can reuse the packaging material for the manufacturing of new boxes.

Another great advantage you will get is the high sales. It will make a positive impression on clients, and they will prefer your brand if they buy eco-friendly packaging.

Display boxes offer you the complete solution to present your product professionally. Custom display boxes are the perfect example of how effectively your products can be displayed.

If you are confused about the kind of counter tops and display boxes, you can contact Phoenix Custom Boxes USA. We are the top packaging company in the market that give you the best custom display boxes.

Looking For Something Sophisticated? Go For Inserts

How your goods are displayed inside your packaging is just as imperative as the design outside. When products are displayed haphazardly, individuals are promptly put off. 

It is hard for them to determine what the product is, but it also removes the branding and design outside of the custom display boxes.

In such a case, inserts work best. Inserts hold your goods correctly and ensure they are displayed sophisticated. 

Custom inserts make it more noticeable to pass your packaging from one retail store to another or simply from shelf to shelf. The packaging doesn’t get complicated to assemble with the significant addition of inserts.

However, the inclusion of inserts will drive up your prices by 15-25% of the price of the outer box.

A Great Addition When Introducing New Products

If you want to test a new product with your clients, consider offering samples or testers. This will permit your purchasers to understand your products and everything new before purchasing them. It also gives your company a chance to understand how the product is. 

Display boxes work greatly when it comes to offering samples. You can place these boxes at the checkout counter so they can pick one up while billing or near the entrance, which is the first thing they notice when they enter.

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Get The Best Display Boxes for Your Products

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In addition, you also have a choice to select from different printing techniques. The one is Offset printing, Digital printing, and Flexography. 

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