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Make Your Brand Statement with Exclusively Made Custom Boxes

April 30, 2021
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Leave the mainstream conventional ways behind; Make your customers happy, and the brand stands out with custom packaging…


Are you satisfied with the response your retail products are getting? Is your product getting the attention it deserves? Do you think there is something you can do to attract more customers? If so..? Here is what we believe! Your product needs to be showcased in a better way on a retail shelf. For that, you’ll have to leave the conventional packaging behind and make a mark with the top trending ways of marketing and presenting your products.

No matter how excellent your product is, customers no longer have the time to examine each and every product to choose what to buy. They walk to the first thing that grasps their attention and generates curiosity among them. So that’s the instant where you need to hit the target. A product’s presentation can make or break the game. Hence, packaging determines the fate of your brand, so you need to pay attention here.

Custom packaging is what makes a huge difference. You need to shift to a packaging that best suits your product and work as an advertising platform for your brand. There are many benefits that custom packaging offers, and we cannot emphasize how important it is to switch from conventional ways to custom boxes.

Benefits of Custom Packaging

Effective Marketing Tool

Showcasing the product is art at retail. Knowing the right techniques of converting your simple box into a marketing tool will help advertise and promote a business effectively on any platform. Whether it is a gadget outlet or a supermarket, a good presentation can increase sales dramatically. If you have packaging with the brand logo printed on it, you can easily advertise your brand as it is a highly effective marketing technique worldwide.

Desired Specifications

It provides control to choose the dimension, material, and design of your packaging according to the product needs.

Better Product Protection

If your product has a unique shape or is fragile, you cannot use a box that lacks adequate padding, so custom packaging is an excellent option for protected shipping. Custom packaging solutions are ideal for keeping your product safe and secure from most types of damage.

Helps Small Businesses

Small businesses can gain a lot from custom packaging as it can build an identity, attract customers and elevate your brand to another level.

Increased Brand Value

Packaging communicates and reflects an exclusive reputation of the product through its outlook. The custom boxes with logos help in making a company stand out by getting prominent in the crowd. For example, the packaging of blue Tiffany boxes has generated identity for their specific products. Customized packaging can establish a strong connection with the customer by leaving a long-lasting imprint of the brand.

Better Customer Experience

Customized packaging of a product not just promotes brand awareness but adds value to the overall business. It plays a significant role for buyers as it improves the customer experience by the appearance and feel of the product compared to standard packaging. Generic packages that do not feel fun to the customer are likely to be a huge turnoff.

Keeping in view the given benefits, customized packaging helps your brand stand a class apart by creating magic through its specifications. It is not just printing or designing but makes a brand statement and enhanced customer experience. It works to engage and delight people while educating them about your company’s mission, values, and product benefits.

Customization Options for Your Product Packaging

You can get a unique, tailored packaging design for your products to endure adequate protection and presentation.

Popular Materials for Custom Boxes

You can choose a packaging material of your choice that satisfies your product needs based on strength, durability, thickness and ability to support further specifications. Popularly known material options are:

  • Corrugated
  • Cardboard
  • Rigid
  • Kraft

Color Models for Lively Appearance

When you have chosen a material based on needs and design specifications, you can move further to select a color model. You can select PMS if you need spot colors that offer uniformity. Or you can go for CMYK for multiple color gradients for your packaging.

Add-ons to Adorn your Packaging

You can further have add-ons to give your custom packaging an exclusive look by choosing separately or combining the following add-ons:

  • Emboss
  • Deboss
  • Spot UV
  • Window Patching
  • Foiling

We at Phoenix Custom Boxes believe that the first impression is the last, and that’s the case with products. There is a need to build an opening image of the product that can instantly grab a buyer’s attention as you never get a second chance to make a first impression. It will be difficult for the brands to stand apart if their packaging looks bland and fails to portray an exclusive image. Custom packaging protects the product with an improved appearance to attract the public, leaving an impact to ensure further promotion.

Phoenix Custom Boxes offer you customization options that include shape, fitting, size, color, logo, and image specifications. The package goes through a process that ensures the product is tailored according to brand and product specifications. Custom packaging is different from standard packaging because it allows products and companies to make their unique image while protecting their products.

To make a mark with your brand, allow your products to stand out on a retail shelf and get noticed amongst a crowd of competitors with our specially tailored custom boxes. Reach out to us, and we are waiting to help you!

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