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How Are Custom Cone Sleeves Useful for Your Brand?

August 25, 2022
Custom Cone Sleeves

“Treat yourself with the sweetest ice cream ever.”

Did you know that with custom cone sleeves, there is no need for any other packing material? It is highly recyclable, and you can use it for domestic and commercial purposes.

This is why most companies and organizations widely prefer them. 

If you, too, want to avail of this particular benefit from the leading manufacturers and suppliers, you must visit Phoenix Custom Boxes USA to get these cone sleeves. 

Here’s a list of the major reasons why these custom packaging boxes are so popular.

What are Disposable Ice Cream Cone Sleeves?

These custom-printed and die-cut boxes are ideal for wrapping gifts, household items, and personal possessions. Contact one of their reliable dealers today to avail your special discounted deal on biodegradable packing products. 

Not only do they provide printed and plain custom cone sleeves to cherished customers across the globe, but they also provide all types of sealing options. It includes matte or glossy lamination, die-cutting, debossing or embossing, premium-grade foil stamping, and many more. You can modify and design cones according to your preferences.

Custom Printed Cone Sleeve-Reasons for Popularity

Another reason custom printed cone sleeves are trendy is their aesthetic appeal. Many printing companies offer various sizes and styles of printing on these cone sleeves. 

Some specialize in custom ice cream branding, while others will design them according to your specific specifications. Whatever design you choose, you can rest assured that it will undoubtedly complement your present theme and overall appearance.


“Delicious, healthy, and nutritious too.”

Custom Cone Sleeves bulk

The printing process of these custom printed cone sleeves usually follows a simple process. The printing design is first conceptually regarded using a CAD (computer-aided design) program, and the illustration is formed using a low-resolution digital imaging process. 

Your final product will be thoroughly evaluated during the printing process to ensure everything is on track and exactly what you are looking for.

Benefits You Can Get When You Choose Cone Sleeve for Your Business

These printed can holders are durable, lightweight, and easily hold up to heavy goods. A dispenser shape is ideal for businesses because it is convenient. You can use it for numerous purposes, such as bestowing promotional offers, giving out business cards, sending out mass emails, and even conveying food and drinks to several events. 


Feel the sweetness within!


However, you can customize not only the cone sleeve shape and color but even the color to match the corporate brand. 

  1. You can order standard and custom disposable ice cream cone sleeves in various sizes, thicknesses, and materials, which can suit the needs of almost any business.
  2. In addition to offering stylish and eye-catching boxes for promotional or business use, there are many other reasons why companies should invest in custom printed liners and cones. 
  3. They deliver superior quality to standard ones, are sturdier and more lightweight, and come with various finishing options. In addition, you can select the core, polyethylene, heavy-duty PVC plastic, and other materials. 
  4. Some have adjustable sides, allowing you to adjust the lid opening. This makes it convenient to open and close and eliminates the need for tools such as tape or nails. The changeable closing feature also ensures that the products remain intact when the lid is closed.


Multiple Uses of Custom Ice Cream Cone Sleeves


Honestly, you look delighted? Are we the reason?

Custom Cone Sleeves wholesale

If you want to get hold of some top-quality holders, you should consider online stores that specialize in wholesale can liners. Online stores offer various unique printed items, such as wholesale custom cone sleeves. 

You can customize the Packaging Business of custom cone sleeves with different shape, color, and finishing options. Some of the products offered include custom printed lids, ribbons, can holders made of fabric, and many more. You can get box holders that match your current business colors and those that can be used for promotional purposes.

Aside from making your goods look more attractive, you can also get a benefit when it comes to price. Online stores specializing in wholesale boxes can provide top-quality items at very reasonable prices. There are so many profits if you can get through a store online. 

However, you can use it in advertising items such as printing wraps to highlight your goods and business, or you can use these boxes to carry gifts and souvenirs.

Ice Cream for Kids

Everybody loves Ice Cream. On the other hand, most of these brands make ice cream for children. A technique encouraging children to taste your exquisite ice cream is also necessary to enhance sales. In this regard, nothing beats the combination of colors and the high-quality printing of cartoon figures. As a result, cartoons are famous amongst children. 

Custom waffle cone sleeves with their favorite cartoon character or superhero image will quickly capture their attention. As a result, your industry sales will increase.

Get To Know Your Potential Customers

Communication with clients is essential for every business. For the simple reason that it regulates your position for custom cone sleeves in the market. In most cases, a retail worker has difficulty answering all of a purchaser’s questions alone. To support you in communicating more efficiently, we’ve created a set of customize cone sleeves. 

Printed on these packaging boxes are the size and model of the product, as well as the expiration date and other practical data.

Get custom cone sleeves now from Phoenix Custom Boxes USA!

From Where to Order Custom Sleeves?

If you live in the United States, then there is nothing to worry about custom cone sleeves. You can order them at the website of any known packaging company like Phoenix Custom Boxes USA. We are one of the top manufacturers. In fact, you can contact us at any hour. 

You can place the order via phone calls as well. If you don’t know about the customization of these cone sleeves, then don’t worry. Our representatives will help you throughout the process. What else do you want? You can also choose some impressive specifications per your goods’ need. They will make your boxes out of the world.

Best wishes!

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