custom cone sleeve boxes

Custom Cone Sleeve

Cone Sleeves That Make Your Ice Cream Look Irresistible

Ice cream is a cold dessert loved by everyone. Putting it in a waffle cone is one tempting way of serving it. As the container being waffle is edible, it must be wrapped in a cover to keep it hygienic and preserve its quality, form, and taste. Phoenix Custom Boxes makes custom waffle cone sleeves to wrap around your dessert to protect against environmental damage and make it look inviting.

We make attractive custom ice-cream cone sleeves to make it stand out among other desserts and appear irresistible to customers. Enjoy your exclusive customization options that will help your product stand out and get your brand recognized. Get in touch with us to make your cones look mouthwatering.


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    Making Your Dessert Look More Delightful

    Your custom waffle cone sleeve will get heads turning, making it irresistible for customers to find out how delicious the product is inside the delightful packaging.