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Phoenixcustomboxes has custom box manufacturing as one of its expertise. We provide excellent quality customized boxes in with a variety of digital colors and designs.

High quality cardboard is used in the manufacture of these customized boxes which can easily carry heavy duty products. Feel free to contact us at phoenixcustomboxes.com to get your customized boxes prepared at affordable rates.

With a lot of experience in packaging and printing, we offers the best custom prepared boxes. The customized boxes are the basic necessity of life and are used as carriers or storage items. These can be used in homes, offices and industries.

These wholesale custom boxes with logo are manufactured in accordance with the customer’s budget and requirements. Our custom designed boxes not only keep your product safe but also give publicity to your company’s name or brand.

Custom packaging

The boxes are prepared in digital colors of the client’s choice. The designs and printing on the box is also according to the customer’s specifications.

The information to be printed on the box is usually the name, logo and barcode of the company. Sometimes, a catchphrase is also printed on the box to grab the attention of the onlookers.

Durable & Sturdy

Best quality cardboard custom boxes is used in the manufacture of these boxes. These boxes are prepared from corrugated cardboard sheets which are passed through a test to determine its strength.

Perfect Finish

A glossy or matte finishing is provided on the box to make it full of splendor and grandeur. The clip art and images of client’s choice can be printed or embossed to give it more retail value.

Extra Options

Other options are also provided to make the customized box more appealing such as die cutting, lamination and digital printing. Sometimes an additional water-resistant film is also provided to make the box waterproof and save it from the extreme weather conditions. The eco-friendly boxes can also be prepared on the customer’s demand.

Place your Order

Our customized boxes not only provide packaging service to your product but also give publicity to your brand name. The success of a product only depends upon the appearance of the package which is the basic service provided by packaging company.

Contact at phoenixcustomboxes.com to get your customized boxes with free shipping and 20% discount.

Embrace Your Success, Use Our Custom Boxes!

At Phoenix Custom Boxes, we manifest quality and demonstrate excellence through our custom retail packaging.
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