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7 Benefits of Using Custom Mailer Boxes for Your Business

August 12, 2022
Mailer Boxes

Custom Mailer boxes are everywhere these days. If you’re considering using these custom packaging boxes for your e-commerce or subscription business, you need all available information to make a knowledgeable decision. 

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It’s the same for businesses.”

There are seven benefits to custom mailer boxes for your business — so let’s get started.

What Are Mailer Boxes?

Mailer boxes are made of cardboard that provides substantial protection to contents throughout the shipping process. These boxes do not require external packaging fundamentals that tend to increase costs and lessen convenience. 

Mailer boxes can be fully customized to match a brand’s aesthetic by directly printing text, logos, and other graphics onto the box. As a result, custom mailer boxes are perfect for e-commerce and other subscription brands. 

Let’s Discuss The Benefits!

As it turns out, custom mailer boxes have many benefits for your business. Here are just a few: 

custom Mailer Boxes

1. Custom Printed Mailer Boxes- They Offer Security 

Like cardboard boxes, robustness and sturdiness are one of the first things you look into custom packaging boxes to safely deliver goods from one place to another. 

The best thing about custom mailer boxes is that they are very defensive and offer full-time security to the products packed inside, reducing the chances of harm. Depending on the sensitivity of your products, you can use the custom box material accordingly, ensuring the safe transport of products. 

So, you can use the packaging material that best suits your needs.

2. They Are Light Weight 

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Logistic companies and retailers use mailer boxes wholesale because of their lightweight and user-friendly nature. Mailer boxes are easy to carry and shift from one place to another. As we know, the shipment cost is charged base on the weight of your product; because of the lightweight boxes, the overall cost for shipment also remains the lowest. 

3. High Affordability 

The mailer box packaging is accessible in a very low-price range, and retailers can easily afford them for everyday shipment operations. These Kraft mailer boxes are classically made using cardboard boxes and packaging material that is not classy. 

4. Customizable 

You can modify your boxes based on your necessities. Mailer box packaging is accessible in all shapes and sizes, making it a versatile option for all products. 

You can also add design and customization to the boxes to help you build your brand’s credibility in the market. 

5. Cost-efficient: 

Custom Printed mailer boxes are cost-efficient as the materials used to create them are affordable. They are also an in-demand product, meaning that packaging providers must offer them at competitive prices. For example, PhoniexCustomBoxes USA’s price matches their mailer boxes, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best price. 

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6. Environmentally Friendly

Mailer boxes are also environmentally friendly; meanwhile, they are largely prepared from recycled materials and can be recycled after use.

This means mailer boxes are an excellent packaging solution for green brands. Customers increasingly care about environmentally friendly packaging and are more willing to buy from brands showing that they care about the environment. 

7. Unboxing Experience

Mailer packaging boxes provide clients with an incredible unboxing experience — something else they increasingly demand from companies. This is because opening a custom mailer box feels like opening a present. Adding extra components like inserts or your artwork can further increase the unboxing experience. 

An Expert Name In The Customization 

We offer the best customization options for all these containers; you will get one of the best-price custom mailer boxes on board, which are designed to make all your structures visible to the clients at first glance. 

The one thing which stands out is that you must be able to get a low price for your packaging boxes that are printed with your unique demands so that you can secure one of the most fantastic solutions, and also that the burden of the total cost remains low on your total budget.

custom printed Mailer Boxes

The customization is not only limited to printing, but this is one worthwhile aspect of it; in actuality, the custom containers offer more choice in color, designs, shape, and size. 

The first thing is size, which you will choose as per the custom size; mostly, product fit size is preferred by the big business person; we suggest you go with the product fit size idea. 


Then the second approach is about the shape of the box, which demands modern solutions with an advanced level of attention to detail in the shapes; hundreds of custom shapes we have already made with little tweaks you could use for your boxes. 

But if you think you have better ideas you could share with us, we will let you know the feasibility right away. 

Your Products, Our Priority!

Do you want to make your brand the most demanding one in the market? If your answer is yes, look no further than PhoniexCustomBoxes USA. We are the top printing and packaging company in the market that offers our customers the best mailer boxes.

 In addition, we also have different designs, colors, and styles that you can select according to your product requirements. Suppose you don’t have any knowledge about its design, no worries. Our packaging team is always here for your needs or desires.


Look no further than us!

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