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We take your Business Identity on the verge of success with the world’s most revenue-raising platform!

What does business demand? A revenue and low impact on the green of the world. we give you the tactical way to represent your brand in a superb way. How better it is to find those ways that exactly hit the business objectives? Use custom boxes as part of your retail market.

6 Days TurnAround
6 Days TurnAround
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Starting From 100 Boxes
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Best & Competitive Pricing
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Why You Need Custom Packaging For Your Brand?

Companies invest a lot of money in branding and protecting the product while shipping. Nowadays, packaging not only protects the items but also serves as one of the cost-effective branding tools.

The era of stale and generic packaging is long gone, and many businesses are investing in custom packaging. It allows them to market their brand to a wider audience and helps them increase brand recognition.

What Are The Custom Services We Offer?

We are readily available to cater to all your customized packaging needs and help you design unique boxes. The eye-catching boxes can help you garner customer’s attention and sway their purchasing decision.

Whether you are looking for shipping boxes or packing boxes, the custom services offered by us can help you design the boxes of your dreams. We offer the following under the banner of customization services:

  • Add-ons
  • Finishing Coats


Add-ons are the perfect choice for businesses looking to create custom packaging that wows the customers. By spending a small amount on the add-ons, you will be able to impress the customers. They will be a perfect addition to the packaging. We offer the following add-ons at affordable rates:

  1. Hot Stamping
  2. Spot UV
  3. Window Patching
  4. Embossing/Debossing

Finishing Coats

Adding custom finishes to the packaging will help you create attention-grabbing packaging. These finishes are custom designed to help you create unique packaging that stands apart from the market’s similar offerings. The finishes will increase the beauty and durability of the packaging. We offer the following finishing coats:

  1. Matte Finish
  2. Varnish Finish
  3. Gloss Finish
  4. Soft-touch Finish

All the finishing coats are designed by keeping your ever-changing business needs in mind. Are you confused about the finishing coats’ selection? Just give us a call and let our representative help you select the suitable finish for your boxes.

How Do We Ensure Perfect Color and Print Quality?

With the help of our stellar printing services, you can be sure that the boxes have a high quality. You can choose our packaging company for digital and offset printing techniques to impart content onto the custom packaging.

Both printing techniques provide awesome results, and the content stays on the packaging for a long time. On top of that, you can also rely on us when you are looking to add vivid colors to the packaging.

The CYMK and PMS color models offered by us can help you impart beautiful colors to the packaging. Custom packaging with vibrant colors can help your product get noticed among a sea of brands.

Next time you wonder where to buy cardboard boxes with custom and eye-catching properties, look no further than Phoenix Custom Boxes.

Benefits Of Using Custom Boxes

Custom packaging can be tailored to meet your business’s specific needs. It helps you to connect with the customers on a personal level. Following are some benefits of using custom packaging for brand:

Amps Up Your Marketing

Custom packaging is one of the best ways to attract customers and also helps in conversion. People feel more connected to the brand. Custom boxes can be tailored per your branding needs. You can add the colors of your choice and choose all the design elements that complement your branding strategy and also add wholesale custom boxes with logo.

Can Help You Support A Cause

Whether you are selling lipsticks or vape products, you can design custom packaging with less carbon footprint. This type of packaging can be created with the help of recycled materials. You will be able to disseminate information quickly and also contribute to the betterment of the environment.

Tailored Per Your Industry Standards

One of the main reasons for choosing custom packaging is to design the boxes per your brand and the industry you are dealing in. For example, different types of cosmetics require different packaging.

You can easily tailor the boxes per your product. Businesses from other industries such as food, beverages, vape, CBD, and health can also benefit from custom packaging.

Makes Your Product Stand Out

You have the freedom to design the packaging in any shape or size you want. You can also choose the typography and other design elements. This will help you create packaging that stands apart in the market.

Why Many Businesses Trust Us For Designing Custom Shipping and Packing Boxes?

We are your partner when it comes to designing custom packaging for your brand. We are trusted worldwide due to the following reasons:

We Are Affordable

We provide stellar packaging services at affordable rates with free shipping and 20% discount. We will also help you select the design elements for creating unique and adorable boxes that customers love.

We Offer Prototyping

We offer sampling services to help you gauge the packaging’s quality.

We Offer Least Turnaround Time

We offer one of the lowest turnaround times in the packaging industry.

We value your search for custom packaging and help you create optimal packaging for your brand. Call us today, and let’s design exceptional custom packaging together!


What A Pleasure To Have Hundreds Of Boxes Designed For Different Products And Industries In One Place. Call Us For Further Details.

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We focus on distinguishing the particular brand of customers. Thus, we make such beneficial boxes available at the lowest possible prices. Additionally, we place the handles on these boxes.

So, come to the beautifully designed custom boxes from phoenix custom boxes and enjoy open delivery services all over the USA.


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